Finch Organs
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church-Montgomery, AL

St. Peter's Church was a major project on a 1950 Wicks Organ of 5 divisions. We provided a new 3-manual drawknob console with Peterson ICS4000 control system. All the reeds were revoiced, as well as, the Great and Pedal Principal chorus. A new Great Mixture of correct composition was provided. The Trumpet 16',8',4' had been duplexed between the Swell and Pedal. We installed a new independent Trumpet 8' on the swell. New Digital voices include: Cornopean16', English Horn 8', Vox Humana 8', French Horn 8', Oboe 8', Tuba 8', and Clairion 4'. The Pedal includes a Sub Principal and Contra Basson 32', and Ophicleide 16'