Finch Organs
First Baptist Church-Amory, MS
This Schantz organ was lacking sufficient depth in the Pedal division. Initially, the consultant hired by the church, wanted to add a Principal 16' extension to the Pedal Octave 8'. We determined that there was not enough space for these 12 large pipes. We re-built the console using Syndyne relay and combination action action with magnetic repulsion drawknobs. New Drawknob panels were built to accommodate new digital stop additions. These included a Pedal Principal 16', Sub Principal 32, Contre Bombarde 32', and Posaune 16'. The 8' Swell and Great pipe stops were duplicated with digital stops to add more weight to the manuals. A Festival Trumpet 8' was added to the Swell, as well as, a Flute Celeste II. The console enhancements and stop additions brought real improvement to this fine organ.